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Feb 3

A Better Understanding

posted by Dan the Man on 03.02.18 00:25 as Thoughts

There is order out of chaos. There is no coincidences, and nothing happens by accident. There is a reason for everything that happens in your life. Each event or adventure in your life is called to your self by your higher self in order that you might create and experience who you really are.

Creation and Experience is the essence of life...it is what life is all about. Through creation and experience you can know love. 

This is why I have never understood how we as beings can judge things so superficially by labeling something right or wrong. Something is only right or wrong based on what you, the individual believes is right or wrong.

How can we tell someone what is right or wrong, when this is only a point of view of what you believe to be right or wrong? What may be right for many in their heart, may be ...




Jan 3

Music Doesn't Spoil

posted by Dan the Man on 03.01.18 18:00 as Thoughts

Unlike food, good music doesn't have an expiration date. This is a very good thing to remember. I see so many today who promote just one song or one mix. Usually their newest release. And that is good, but you need to promote all of your good tunes, not just the newest one.

Just because a song is old to you, it may be new to someone who has never heard it before. I have songs that are ten years old I still promote to this day. I continue to see sales on tunes from 10 years ago. Someone just bought my first public album release last week. That album is over ten years old.

If you have a catalog, you should be pushing all of your great material. You never know which song will grab someone. I have had people write me and tell me it was a song they just ...




Dec 27

End of the Diva

posted by Dan the Man on 27.12.17 17:58 as Thoughts

In this day and age of technology, every female vocalist must come to the realization that there is a human being behind them that makes them a diva. Without the music, no one would be dancing to their acapella. I hate to be so blunt, but I see to many young ladies who can sing and think that is all that is required of them to be rich and famous. They feel because they have placed their vocals & lyrics on top of a track that people should bow before them. This is just non-sense. The music is just as important as the vocals. The drums, melody and rhythm helps give the listener a better feel of the emotions being expressed. It is the mixing of the two elements from both parties that create the magic of the track.

The vocalist that only sings and maybe writes lyrics get off easy. ...




Dec 4

Reason for Being?

posted by Dan the Man on 04.12.17 00:30 as Thoughts

Is the material world just a distraction from the truth? Is this reality anything but real?

To most individuals in the world, this is it. They hold tight to the material things of this world. Pretty flashing lights, big fancy names, and loud music grabs these people and draws their attention to material worth, instead of self-worth. All that matters is money, success, and material possesions. 

These people are shallow human beings and have been brainwashed by the media, religion, or government. They have allowed the distractions of the world to grab their attention which keeps them from seeing the truth of the world we live in. They have allowed their outer world to program their inner world. This blocks communication with your higherself. This closes you off from the truth of the world. 

You do not need to look inside for the answers of life. Your teachers, parents, pastors, TV and so ...




Dec 1

Art of Expression? or Art for the Ego?

posted by Dan the Man on 01.12.17 17:49 as Thoughts

I recently saw a movie that was released in 2001. The title of the movie was "A Beautiful Mind". It is a story about a man named John Nash who was a mathematical genius. He came up with a formula that is used in today's world economics. What is funny is that everyone, not just world money markets, can apply his formula to everyday life. It is a simple formula, easy to understand but in the end can pay off with major success to all those involved.

His formula basically stated that if every man and woman when faced with a decision, would look at all options and choose the one that not only helps them advance but also everyone around them, everyone would win every time. This formula is pretty much the same as the golden rule in its effectiveness. If everyone did unto others, as you would want others ...




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