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Dec 1

Art of Expression? or Art for the Ego?

posted by Dan the Man on 01.12.17 17:49 as Thoughts

I recently saw a movie that was released in 2001. The title of the movie was "A Beautiful Mind". It is a story about a man named John Nash who was a mathematical genius. He came up with a formula that is used in today's world economics. What is funny is that everyone, not just world money markets, can apply his formula to everyday life. It is a simple formula, easy to understand but in the end can pay off with major success to all those involved.

His formula basically stated that if every man and woman when faced with a decision, would look at all options and choose the one that not only helps them advance but also everyone around them, everyone would win every time. This formula is pretty much the same as the golden rule in its effectiveness. If everyone did unto others, as you would want others to do unto you, wouldn’t everyone win?

The reason we see so many people that do not want to cooperate with these formulas is due to the fact that we as humans have something called free will. Everyone has a choice. It is up to you to make the choices that define who you are and who you will become. It is up to you to make choices that gratify one’s ego or help others. It is no secret that when we think of others before ourselves, it not only makes us feel better but it also makes that person feel better. If you treat everyone, even those you dislike and strangers with good temperament, you can improve your heart, your life, and even your career.

I hope by bringing this up that I can educate others and make them see that hating, jealousy, and any other negative emotion associated with gratifying one’s self ego is not productive to anyone. It may give short-term success, but it will vanish rapidly and leave misery and pain. It always does.

When did the expression through art become a competition? The reason I ask is because even in today’s mainstream industry, the artists and bands squabble over who is best. One great example was Voodoo Fest this past weekend. On Sunday several bands were playing, and one of the first bands, after their set was complete, called out to a band named "Shine Down” to top that. Why would these artists be so concerned with topping each other? Are they not all doing the same thing and expressing their emotions through music? Again at the festival, the band named "Green Day” made a remark about the group "Sonic Youth”. It is these types of competitive remarks that should not be exercised. They all are doing what they love and being successful in what they do. Still they must hunt down negativity and exercise it publicly.

We see this negative productivity in our own local scene also and it does not stop with the bands. People are constantly out to out do the next person so that they can be top dog. My close personal friend would call this the "crabs in a bucket” theory. When one crab gets to the top of the bucket and is about to escape, another crab will grab him and pull him back down in to the bucket. I see this at work 7 days a week, 365 days a year here. This negative energy is not productive. No one will ever go anywhere until people learn to work together and remove these ego-pleasing emotions of greed, hate, and jealousy. Many do not realize that together we can make a difference. That together, everyone can be successful.



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