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Feb 3

A Better Understanding

posted by Dan the Man on 03.02.18 00:25 as Thoughts

There is order out of chaos. There is no coincidences, and nothing happens by accident. There is a reason for everything that happens in your life. Each event or adventure in your life is called to your self by your higher self in order that you might create and experience who you really are.

Creation and Experience is the essence of life...it is what life is all about. Through creation and experience you can know love. 

This is why I have never understood how we as beings can judge things so superficially by labeling something right or wrong. Something is only right or wrong based on what you, the individual believes is right or wrong.

How can we tell someone what is right or wrong, when this is only a point of view of what you believe to be right or wrong? What may be right for many in their heart, may be wrong to other individuals. So who decides the standards to live by?

To me there is no standards. Only experiences. Some of these experiences can be fulfilling and others may not be as fulfilling. It doesn't create good or bad, right or wrong though. These are simply judgements. Without the wrong or the bad, you would not know right or the good. The world must embrace the wrong and bad as much as the right and good. One cannot exist without the other.

The trick or secret is understanding and living this...We can gain greater ground within our own being if we just realize that our judgements are superficial. That what we accuse others of doing wrong or bad, is simply us projecting our fear of ourselves on to others. We do this so that we may never face who we really are. We even created religions to aide us in this task while ignoring the teachings of great masters and messengers.

Grasp fear. Throw it to the ground. Destroy this feeling and begin to love. Understand we are all one. Understand that we all our on a journey of creation and experience. Reach for your higher self and do not let fear stop you from facing who you really are.



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