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Dec 4

Reason for Being?

posted by Dan the Man on 04.12.17 00:30 as Thoughts

Is the material world just a distraction from the truth? Is this reality anything but real?

To most individuals in the world, this is it. They hold tight to the material things of this world. Pretty flashing lights, big fancy names, and loud music grabs these people and draws their attention to material worth, instead of self-worth. All that matters is money, success, and material possesions. 

These people are shallow human beings and have been brainwashed by the media, religion, or government. They have allowed the distractions of the world to grab their attention which keeps them from seeing the truth of the world we live in. They have allowed their outer world to program their inner world. This blocks communication with your higherself. This closes you off from the truth of the world. 

You do not need to look inside for the answers of life. Your teachers, parents, pastors, TV and so on have dictated the truth of the world to you. You trust these people and accept this programming without question.

There is though in small numbers those who do not accept this programming. There are some who question the laws, rules, and the way they are told the world is. These people are our light in the darkness.

I feel I am one of these individuals. I have questioned everything my entire life. I know that if I continue to seek that I shall find the truth.

My latest conclusion is that the world is like a video game. The only catch is no one knows all of this is not real. The reason we do not know this important fact of the world is because our souls chose to forget where they came from. Without forgetting, the soul could never trully experience the reality of who they are. When you play a video game, you know it is not real. What if when you played this video game you were able to forget that it isn't real and forget that it is just a game? Would this game not become your reality? Living in our world is the same.

We have all forgotten how we got here so that we could enjoy the experiences and creations of the world and become whoever we want to be. The experience of discovering, and then creating who you really are.

Masters like Jesus understand this. This is why they are able to live and die in such peace. They know the world is not real. They remember who they are.

The reason for being is to experience and create. We were given a beautiful world and free will to do just this.

But as in the words of Bill Hicks, "this is just a ride". Don't forget it is only a ride...



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