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Jan 15

Remixing 101

posted by Dan the Man on 15.01.18 18:04 as Tips & Tricks

Recently after I remixed a few tracks, some of you guys who follow my doings asked me some questions about remixing. So I decided to give ya a few tips.

If you want to really learn how to remix tracks then you should remix pop songs you like from the radio. Acapellas are easy to come by on the Internet. Just have to hunt them down. Always try to use the highest quality recording you can find. 320 bitrate mp3's or the wav file.

When I say remix, I do not mean throw a beat behind a song. I mean find an acapella. Then either learn how to play the song on your own instrument or find a midi file of the notes and progressions of the melody. Most digital audio workstation's will import the MIDI file for you and place each progression on it's own channel. Depends on the DAW.

If you ...




Jan 13


posted by Dan the Man on 13.01.18 23:41 as Tips & Tricks



Jan 12

Higher feat Serenity (Original Mix)

posted by Dan the Man on 12.01.18 12:34 as Youtube



Jan 11

Do You Want to Fly?

posted by Dan the Man on 11.01.18 00:10 as Philosophy



Jan 9

A Proper Remix Packet

posted by Dan the Man on 09.01.18 18:01 as Tips & Tricks

I wanted to share the proper way to share your song with other producers to have them remix your work. I have done many remixes for a wide range of artists. From independent to major label. Usually the major labels artist have the packets to the tee. They give you everything you will possibly need. I find many independents give you an acapella and tell you good luck.

A remix packet or kit should have several things. All very self explanatory. As a remixer, my first rule of thumb is too hold on to the essence of the original track. When I have to start from scratch and figure everything out, and build everything from scratch, then it is easier to lose the essence of the original. Not on that but a producer could write the wrong bass line progression of such. In which he then changes the song completely from ...




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