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Feb 5

What's Your Message?

posted by Dan the Man on 05.02.18 23:34 as Tips & Tricks



Feb 3

A Better Understanding

posted by Dan the Man on 03.02.18 00:25 as Thoughts

There is order out of chaos. There is no coincidences, and nothing happens by accident. There is a reason for everything that happens in your life. Each event or adventure in your life is called to your self by your higher self in order that you might create and experience who you really are.

Creation and Experience is the essence of life...it is what life is all about. Through creation and experience you can know love. 

This is why I have never understood how we as beings can judge things so superficially by labeling something right or wrong. Something is only right or wrong based on what you, the individual believes is right or wrong.

How can we tell someone what is right or wrong, when this is only a point of view of what you believe to be right or wrong? What may be right for many in their heart, may be ...




Feb 1


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Jan 31

Free DJ Sets

posted by Dan the Man on 31.01.18 02:20 as Music

Like free music? Then be sure to check out all the free mixsets available for download.
You will find some Breakbeat, Freestyle, Trance, Commercial Dance and of course Old School DJ sets. All free and ready to download. 
Playlists have been supplied when available. Enjoy!



Jan 30

Free Digital Distribution

posted by Dan the Man on 30.01.18 18:17 as Tips & Tricks

Free digital distribution which also allows you to be paid for your Soundcloud and Youtube streams & plays 

Control your own music catalog. Stop letting distributors and labels take over half your sales b/c they "uploaded" your music for you. Get your music on iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox, Google Play, WiMP, Music Unlimited and many many more retail outlets.

With Route Note’s Free distribution model you can distribute to The world’s largest music stores free of charge with no hidden costs!

You keep 85% of royalties and can take control of your music distribution with the option to switch distributors at any time. You have full control over your catalog!

With quick access and an easy to use upload system there’s no better time to distribute your music.

Sell your music directly to your fans. Control your own pricing, control the look and feel of your store and control which releases you ...




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Nothing Without Me (504 Reprise Mix)



Robert Miles - Children (504 Club Mix)